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Ribeiro wines, mosaic of diversity

Wines of landscape and territory traditionally elaborated by wise blends of native varieties, each of them contributing their peculiarities to obtain authentic and genuine wines. Wines of marked Atlantic features, fresh, fine and elegant, nuanced by a mild influence of the Mediterranean climate. The characteristic factor of climatic transition along with the orientations and pending of the vineyard, the use and mixture of local varieties and the type of soil, mark the style Ribeiro. In addition, the differentiation of the three valleys (Avia, Miño and Arnoia) that make up the appellation of origin make Ribeiro a mosaic of diversity.


Ribeiro D.O. P. wines are divided into five categories:

- Ribeiro Castes

- Ribeiro Barrica

- The Sparkling Ribeiro

- The Tostado Ribeiro

- Ribeiro

Ribeiro Castes, white and red wines, differ from Ribeiro category in which 100% are made with preferential varieties. They are of more quality and representative of the denomination, and are identified in their label so that the consumer can differentiate them. Like the categories Barrica, Sparkling and Tostado Ribeiro wines, which are also exclusively made with preferential grapes and can be identified in the labeling, presentation and advertising by the winery. 90% of the production is concentrated in white wines, red wines represent 9%, while Tostado and Sparkling wine, barely reach 1%.

The white wines

Ribeiro D.O.P. wines are usually young wines with a high aging potential in bottle. They constitute 90% of the total Ribeiro D.O.P. production. With an iconic fame and international recognition, the white wines from Ribeiro are the result of the blending know-how of native grape varieties and the good job developed by vinegrowers, cellars, and small wine producers.

They stand out for their elegance and subtlety, the aromas of ripe fruits and fresh fruits, floral notes, honeys, herbs and balsamic. In the mouth they are balanced, fine and delicate. Harmonious wines, fresh, aromatic and of good persistence. Ribeiro's whites are gastronomic and versatile wines that evolve very well in the bottle.


The red wines

Red Ribeiro wines are authentic, with character and genuinity. Despite representing the 9% of the total D.O.P. production, their great quality and peculiarity are increasing the demand and therefore, the production.

Intense, original and expressive. They are characterized by the aromas of red and black fruits, floral notes of violets, licorice, spices and balsamic. Tannins with good tannic load, fleshy, structured and with a point of acidity that enhances their freshness and balance.

The tostado wine

Ribeiro Tostado wine is a naturally sweet wine. To make them, only must from a selection of the best grapes, suitably raisinized under cover.

Production is very small, labour-intensive and complex, leading to an authentic gem of enology with unique characteristics.

Elaboration of Tostado Ribeiro

The sparkling wine

Wines made with preferential varieties using the "traditional method".

With a long tradition in Ribeiro, the wines are elaborated with a traditional method which consists of a second fermentation in bottle and only with native varieties; fresh, balanced, persistent in medium-high structure, creamy and fine bubbles.