It is the fourth most represented native white variety in the zone. Of excellent behaviour, it is characterized for being complete and exuberant. It is usually added for giving aromatic complexity, acidity and glycerol but it is also suitable for making single-varieties. It is an upright variety, its early budding makes it sensitive to late frosts, its maturity period is short with average fertility and strength with yields up to 12-14Tn/Ha. The most appropriate soils are the ones with good drainage. It is quite resistant to Botrytis ( grey mould ), moderately susceptible to oidium, mildew, excoriose and very susceptible to setting failure.

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The wine produced are fairly aromatic, terpene, with floral, fruity and balsamic highlights, glyceric, unctuous and fresh in the mouth at the same time. They can easily reach high alcohol levels – around 13-14º- conserving the acidity between 6 and 8 gr/l of total acidity expressed as tartaric acidity and ageing well. In the Certificate of Origin Ribeiro it is usually complementary or as a base to give the wine itself an oily and aromatic complexity. It is not frequently used as a single-variety.