Also called Ferrol, it is the fifth red native variety planted in D.O. Ribeiro. It is usually mixed with other varieties, giving them aroma and volume in the mouth.

It is an agronomy-wise difficult, vigorous variety with average fertility and productivity. It adapts well to loose soils, behaves well in long pruning, provided production is monitored, and it is moderately susceptible to drought and very susceptible to wind and over-exposure to the sun. The time of bud break and maturity is average. It is very resistant to mildew, low to Botrytis and to oidium.

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It ripens well with high graduations of around 12-13% vol and preserves the acidity very well providing well-balanced, fresh, with strong personality and aromatic wines in which hints of red fruits, strawberries, cherries, raspberries and even aromatic herbs and spices stand out. It has a good structure and body to the palate. Its high polyphenolic and acidity contents make it very well suited to ageing.