It is one of the most typical red native varieties in Ribeiro. Its most distinctive feature is its aromatic potential. It is not usually single-varietal but more commonly complementary giving the wines intensity and aromatic complexity.

It is a productive horizontal growth variety, resistant to drought, it adapts well to less fertile soils although with important potassium needs. It has a short cycle, its bud burst is early and the ripening period is medium-late. It admits short pruning and needs good sun exposure but not directly to the bunch as it is susceptible to sun stoke. It is average susceptible to oidium, Botrytis and excoriose.

More information

Its alcohol levels are around 12% vol. With a good acidity of around 6gr/l expressed as tartaric acid, it makes lively, aromatic, fresh and medium-structured wines.

It is usually complementary and mixed with other more structured varieties. The wines produced are young, interesting, with intense fruity and floral bouquet, smooth and fresh.