Despite representing the 9% of the total D.O.P. production, their great quality and peculiarity are increasing the demand and therefore, the production.

Red Ribeiro wines are authentic, with character and genuinity.

Intense, original and expressive. They are characterized by the aromas of red and black fruits, floral notes of violets, licorice, spices and balsamic. Tannins with good tannic load, fleshy, structured and with a point of acidity that enhances their freshness and balance.


Among the grape varieties of Ribeiro we will differentiate between,

Preferential varieties of red grape: Caíño longo, Caíño bravo, Caíño tinto, Ferrón, Sousón, Mencía and Brancellao.

Authorized varieties of red grape: Garnacha Tintorera and Tempranillo.

Preferential varieties of red grape


Caíño longo

The wines produced are young, interesting, with intense fruity and floral bouquet, smooth and fresh. Its alcohol levels are around 12% vol. With a good acidity of around 6gr/l expressed as tartaric acid, it makes lively, aromatic, fresh and medium-structured wines.


Caíño bravo

Variety that is characterised by its intense freshness and acidity. It is hardly 2% of the yield but it often mixed with other varieties to give them fruit and citric aroma. They present a fruity and citrus aroma, and on the palate they have a lively acidity and a light structure.


Caíño tinto

Variety that gives the wines exuberance and aromatic intensity. This wine stands out for its floral and citric notes, more than for the red fruits characteristics of the other Caíño wines. These wines are lively, fresh with average structure, personal and genuine.



It ripens well with high graduations of around 12-13% vol and preserves the acidity very well providing well-balanced, fresh, with strong personality and aromatic wines in which hints of red fruits, strawberries, cherries, raspberries and even aromatic herbs and spices.



We do not usually find it as monovarietal but it is a base in different proportions for the development of interesting, distinct and peculiar wines. It is one of red native variety in Ribeiro in peak production, being at the moment the first one, with great polyphenolic potential.



The single-variety wines produced are fine, elegant and fruity, with hints of red and black forest fruits.It is generally mixed with other native grapes with more polyphenolic potential and acidity to make them more complex, well-structured and a much better evolution in the bottle.



Its easy ripening is perfect to get good sugary musts with average acidity, producing aromatic, oily and low structured wines with body. It is usually mixed with other varieties with more polyphenolic contents, giving them complexity and red fruits smells, savory, balanced and unctuous.

Authorized varieties of red grape


Garnacha tintorera

The wines produced have a wide range of colors and vegetables when it not ripened enough. It preserves the acidity very well, with good floral and fruity aromas. In Ribeiro it is usually mixed with other varieties to give them color and acidity.



The produced wines are ripe. It can reach alcohol levels of about 13-14% vol, with good bouquet and has medium polyphenolic contents and light acidity. It is usually mixed with other native varieties.