Mainly grown in the northwest of Spain, it is a fairly complete variety for the young wines making, smooth, with good aromatic intensity. It is currently the most planted variety in the D.O.

It sprouts early, its cycle is short, its ripening easy and it is susceptible to late frosts. This variety is highly fertile and productive (around 14-16Tn/Ha). Its crop spreads, it is suitable for all the D.O. zones, especially the ones where the ripening is late. It is vertically-growing and susceptible to mildew, oidium, Botrytis and excoriose.

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The single-variety wines produced are fine, elegant and fruity, with hints of red and black forest fruits. It can reach alcohol levels of about 12-14 vol and its total acidity is around 4-5gr/l expressed as tartaric acid.

It is generally mixed with other native grapes with more polyphenolic potential and acidity to make them more complex, well-structured and a much better evolution in the bottle.